The Case of the Missing Shoes


Grace was determined there would be no extended school for her today. With one hand on her hip the other bravely signed , “NO.” Really? I signed back, “YES.” The argument continued with hands flapping in the air all the way to the tubby. She cooperated. I naively thought she had resigned herself to the inevitable. I had everything laid out 2 cutesy pink outfits to choose from, socks… umm. “Grace, where are your shoes?” She smirked. Great, the treasure hunt was on.

I hunted and pecked everywhere. Bedroom, under the bed, closet. Dining room under the dining table. Bathroom, behind the toilet, umm don’t ask why I look there. Or why it sparked me to look next in the fridge. No luck in either places. Ah.. sun room. Nope.

Something caught my eye out the window. What the…? What was that out in the sand box? Sheesh. I went out the door thinking that finding her shoes would actually become an excavation job this morning. I did find the kitchen step stool, a few missing tablespoons and a Santa Claus cookie cutter in the sandbox but no shoes. *sigh*

I moved on to new territory determined I would have the taste of sweet victory. There was only one place left to search. I summoned the courage to go the room no man dare not enter. Yes, Bre’s room. She growled at the mere sound of the door squeaking open. *sigh* Grace couldn’t have thought of a better place to stash her shoes. I cant help but wonder where she will hide them next. On average 1 pair disappear a month. Never to be seen again, like the allusive Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster. I continue to search for their existence.


    • That is how my youngest son is! He is also on the spectrum. He especially loses coats and jackets this time of year. It’s chilly in the morning. He doesn’t remember to get them in the afternoon. I guess because it’s warmer in the afternoon. :/ Grace was more deliberate. She use to sabotage any effort to get her to school. She is doing much better now. Thank God!

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        • I had to do that for a very long time. I still have to when Grace has to have blood work done. Behaviorist always called it “positive reinforcement.” It is what it is tho. I stopped bribing Grace last year. It flipped the house upside down for a while. But it worked. The reward system had gotten way out of hand for us. It had created feelings of animosity from Grace’s siblings to. They just didn’t understand why I had been rewarding her for years on things she should be doing anyway. It can be such a balancing act sometimes. :/

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