Parental Forensics


I have busied myself examining a trail of trace evidence that was left in the sun room today. A beautiful array of acrylic colors artfully splattered all around a large canvas board. Excellent color choices. Crimson red, sunflower yellow and a dashes of blue. Sweet. I had to admire its beauty on canvas. Was this an Abstract? Expressionism? I wasn’t sure.

A graceful mixture of bright swirls and an obvious footprint lie colorfully drying on the canvas. But who was the new artist in the house? And why had they deviated from the designated finger paints that could be so easily cleaned up? Admittedly even as a hardened veteran in Parental Forensics, I cringed at the sight of this mess on the floor. I had to find the artist.

I began with a visual examination. An easy analysis of trace evidence was trailing out the door. I followed the colorful footprints. I discovered an occasional burnt orange fingerprint on the cream wood trim. A blended mixture of the crimson red and sunflower yellow had occurred at the hands of this ingenious artist. The trail quickly led to the bathroom where colorful watery spatters dripped in the basin. Ah ha… someone was trying to wash the evidence! If only she would return to clean the floor. Yes, she. Grace is my ingenious artist. Now that I have successfully concluded yet another investigation I have decided I will soon declare myself am expert in Parental Forensics. Ya know, that lovely art that is so necessary once you have more than 1 child in the house. In the meantime, Grace and I will be in the sun room painting.


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