Life can get so busy.  It has been my sanity saver to pause long enough to breathe in a moment like this:

Foggy Morning

Breathe.  I have to remind myself daily to find a moment to just breathe in.  It’s so easy to forget some days.  Those moments could so easily be lost in the chaos.  Lost, dealing with the daily behavior that has become so predictably  unpredictable.

Breathe.   I referee between M’s frustration and his sister’s violent meltdown toward me. I witness him breaking his hand punching a wall.  Knowing in my heart,  it is really the same question I have he wants to beat.  Will it ever stop?  We have come to fear the predictably unpredictable outbursts, that so often overcomes Grace.

Breathe.  I now chauffeur between M’s Orthopedic doctor and Grace’s many appointments.  It isn’t enough to just breathe. That’s mere survival.  I have to remind myself to breathe in a moment like this that I might truly live an extraordinary life.

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