Snowpocalypse 2014: The Great Escape

We have been homebound since February 12th.  On the 15th I was talking with my brother on the phone.  Looking out the window trying to describe all that I saw.   Due to the snow drifts, the road was still impassable. There was no hope in the weather forecast that it would melt any time soon. It felt bleak. That’s when I saw this:


There before me was a beautiful reminder that God is always there, no matter where your there is. God with you.  I shared this with my brother on the phone. No matter where his military career takes him. No matter how close nor how far away from home he is, God is with you. You are never alone.

On day 6 of Snowpocalypse 2014 we finally had our great escape!  Early this morning, our neighbor began clearing our road with his kubota tractor.  It took 8 hours before he made it to our driveway!  Many,many thanks go out to him for clearing our way to freedom!

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