Autism Acceptance


Dr. Stephen Shore has said, “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism “


I’d like you to meet my girl, Grace. She is one unique person among many with autism.  Grace was originally diagnosed at the age of 2 with non-verbal low functioning autism.  She has surprised everyone with the progress she has made in her 16 years. I won’t feign an artificial smile and pretend everything is perfect. It isn’t. Challenges still exist. But we are working hard to overcome them one by one.

graces-art-2There was a time when effectively communicating seemed so far out of reach for my girl. When Grace began speaking at age 6  I thought that would soon be the end of finding other ways for us to communicate.  It wasn’t.   When she is overwhelmed her receptive language skills regress and she still can find it difficult to express exactly what she is feeling.  As a result she uses  sign language, art and music to express her beautiful array of emotion.


Today I am mixing media with my girl Gracie.  Her art and her choice of music is an extension to her voice.  My beautiful girl with autism still has a long way to go. But today I’d like to share with you how far she has come. The art displayed here Grace created on a simple paint program that came with our computer. The art is Gracie’s.  We worked on the words together.

The song Grace chose to share with her artwork is Avril Lavigne’s  How Does it Feel?  This has been one of her favorite songs for a while.  The words speak volumes for my girl.


  1. These artworks are beautiful. Your daughter is very talented. As for her song choice, I’ve always liked the song ‘How Does It Feel’ because you imagine how other people are different from you . Tell her to keep up her drawings, and be herself xx

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