Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.  This song has softly played in the background of so many memories. Like a sweet childhood friend, the length of time between visits does not matter.  When Amazing Grace shows up my love and fondness of her tender words only seem to grow.   This song is interwoven into so many memories.

It was there in early childhood, on Sunday mornings, sitting on a hardened church pew with my great-grandmother. During my awkward adolescence, Amazing Grace wafted through a hand-held transistor radio in the backwoods of North Carolina.  My sister Connie, best friend Darlene and I lounged under a huge oak tree hiding from the hot summer sun.  Amazing Grace crackled through my transistor radio becoming a part of our childhood memories.

Amazing Grace was there playing during a church revival when I met my husband.  It meant so much to us we named our youngest daughter Grace.  The song also showed  up as I sat graveside, staring blankly at his casket. It hovered above the spot where a piece of my heart was about to be laid to rest.  Just when I didn’t think I could take another second,  Amazing Grace was there.  The soothing words were beautifully sung a capella through a sweet girl named Kelly. I breathed in that song.  The words refreshed the stale air of my aching heart.  They strengthened me in a way I still can not explain.

I have come to view the words of Amazing Grace more like a beacon of hope than just a song.  A lyrical lighthouse that illuminates the way during  dark stormy times. The song has shown up throughout my life.  It has always been a subtle reminder that God is there.  That I am not alone even when I was indifferent to God being there at all, He was still there.

In the good times and in the difficult moments, God and His amazing grace are there.  God is with you too. Relish in the sweet comfort of that thought. God is there, with you. No matter where your there is.

Daily Prompt: Relish

Discover Challenge: Song


  1. It’s so good that this song has seen you through so many things, good and bad. I played the Chris Tomlin song of Amazing Grace at my husband’s funeral. It wasn’t the balm it should have been because he wrote in his suicide note that he was listening to it as he wrote the letter. But I’m so glad God has given you this balm and praise song to take you through life. I especially love that He even pursued you with it.

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  2. I too sang this in church when I was younger, and it still resonates with me! It touches me in such a powerful way that I started singing it to my son each time I was putting him to bed. He even started to sing it himself around 2 because he was hearing it so much. It is a truly moving song!

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  3. Your post brought back to mind my grandfather, long past. This too was his favorite hymn. Thank you for evoking that memory in such a tender way. Adding this classic and faithful hymn back onto my playlist ❤

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