Second Thoughts




It has been an exhausting day.  Tensions have been high this election day.  My girl Grace is so sensitive.  She can’t help it. It is a part of Autism.  It didn’t take long for her to be completely overwhelmed.  She has been an emotional roller coaster.  Grace wasn’t exposed to any blatant hostility. Ah, but the tension was still in the air, like an unseen mist everyone seemed to be breathing in.

My truck is still in the shop.  I had to “bum” a ride from a friend this morning so I could go vote.  I have known this friend for 20+ years.  I won’t discuss political views here. But she knows  that we are polar opposites politically.  Every four years the tension gets rather thick between us.  The way she sees it, I am so unreceptive to the “truth” of  her political talking points.  Ugh!  There is a reason I am not officially affiliated with any particular political party.  I vote for the person I believe is best suited for the position, not their party affiliation.

She made the comment this morning that she shouldn’t be offering me a ride at all.  She said my vote would only cancel hers out. It was awkward and the tension was so thick.

I am grateful that she had second thoughts and gave me a ride to vote. I have never missed an opportunity to cast my ballot. I didn’t want my first time missing out to be for the Presidential election.

This 20+ year friendship will ultimately survive  yet another presidential election. But for now, I am turning the electronics off and going to bed early.  I’ll find out  who the next President of the United States of America will be tomorrow.  I  don’t know about you, but I am so glad this election is almost over.



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