Because of You


In a place far away resides the spot that will forever be my home.  There you will find the ghostly shadows of the days before I went out on my own.

I dust off the memories that live in a box on a shelf.  As I reminisce I discover it is within my heart that I find the cherished moments you gave of yourself.

I look back on those times when our words were hard to find.  Words were not always necessary you shared your love best by the giving of your time.daddy-fishing

I reflect upon our horseback rides through the dusty countryside and all the times you taught me how to fish. Time. It is a priceless thing to give a child exactly what they’ve  wished.

I remember every weekend Cape Hatteras trip surrounded by the sea.  I didn’t realize then how hard you had to work just to keep those weekends free

etched-in-stoneOh how you loved the water. It didn’t matter if you were on the edge of the ocean,  on a river or monitoring the brackish tides of Bennett’s creek.    Your love for the water is now etched in stone. It stands upon the spot where I said, “goodbye, until our souls once again do meet.”

I miss you. I love you daddy, that I hope you always knew. I share your stories that your memory may live on.  Your life is still a part of me.  Who I am today, my hopes and dreams to a great extent has been because of you.


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