7 Tips for New and Not So New WordPress Bloggers


My Advice to new bloggers:

  1. Be yourself and share your story in your own unique and creative way.
  2. Put yourself out there and knock on a few virtual doors. Visit, like, comment, and follow other blogs you enjoy. You can search topics in the Reader to help you find blogs that interest you.
  3. Keep in touch with the blogs you follow through the Reader on your blog. It’s on the left top corner of your blog next to “My Site,” click Reader,  open and explore. Or just click  right here,  Or if you prefer have the blogs you follow emailed to you directly.
  4. Have the Blogs you follow emailed directly to you so you never miss a post from your favorite blogs.  Go to Reader.  It’s on the left top corner of your blog next to “My Site,” click open and click followed sites, click manage next to followed sites. You will see a small arrow next to the name of each blog  you follow. To open the email settings click email, the button will turn blue. You can then choose how often each blog will be delivered to your email.  Or just click right here.
  5. Set up a  Gravatar.   Your Gravatar will be seen whenever you like or comment.  Be sure to include a link to your blog on there so people can find you.
  6. Participate in the daily post on WordPress. It’s fun and you will meet a lot of regular fellow bloggers by participating there.
  7. If you want great blog followers BE a great blog follower. Be yourself, share your story and connect with fellow bloggers. It will attract more of the right people to your blog.


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