The Invitation


I invited my grown daughter over for an evening together. We needed to talk. We didn’t need to chat or causally text.  No. We needed a deep meaningful conversation. Face to face. She accepted my invitation to stay over.

I had worried delving into our yesterdays where past trauma and loss lingered would be awkward. It wasn’t. We needed to go beyond the mother to child talks of yesteryear. These shared moments needed to be discussed woman to woman.

aesthetic-1I am not sure if it was the wine or the aesthetic glow of the fire, or maybe it was a combination of things, but we peeled away the layers that create psychological carnage.

We opened up beyond the superficial aspects of a ‘photoshopped’ social media life.  We were real. We were real as real gets.  It was tearful and yet it was more liberating than either of us had imagined. My admiration grew. I saw my  daughter, my child, as the amazing woman she had become.

I had been afraid to release the stagnant emotions bottled up inside.
Never realizing it would be the catalyst for a healing miracle in our lives.friend

There before me a beautiful woman had grown where my child once stood..  Yes, there was a friend where my daughter once stood.

We sat near the hearth where the warmth radiated from the fire. Not as mother and child but as friends.


  1. I love that you had that time with your daughter. What a beautiful testimony of love and support for your daughter and who she’s become. You play such a huge role in her ability to do so! I’m so happy for you.

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  2. “There before me a beautiful woman had grown where my child once stood.. Yes, there was a friend where my daughter once stood.”
    Interesting! I enjoyed sailing with the narrative! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  3. A moment in time to be cherished! A moment that shows how necessary it is for mothers, to reconnect in open conversation, with the children we raised, who are now adults. Thank you for posting this. It was a wonderful read and filled with hope for mothers everywhere.😊

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