Art or Craft


I love arts and crafts, but I wouldn’t call myself a craftsman.  I am just not that good at what I love to do.   That doesn’t stop me from pursuing the creative aspects that are inherent to my personality.

Most of what I have made over the years would probably be classified as an art rather than a craft. Although, according to Wikipedia,   “Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread.”  It then goes on to say,  “Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts..”  I am still unsure if what I do  can be labeled as an art way-of-lifeor a craft.

I enjoy sewing,  just not in a traditional sense.  I have never purchased a pattern. I craft my own when needed.  I also do not understand the terminology that a more experienced seamstress might know.  None of that has kept me away from my simple sewing machine.

If you are familiar with my blog you probably already know I have 2 children on the Autism Spectrum.  They like what they like. It doesn’t matter if it is still appropriate for their age.  It also doesn’t matter if it is something that exists. When Grace latched onto the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball she decided a tangible part of him was needed in her life. She wanted a pillow of Gumball, the cat and his brother Darwin, the fish.  It didn’t exist.  So we made it. Darwin’s leftover material  was eventually used to make  Karlos, the fish for Patrick’s Dr. Seuss day at school.  My art or craft confusion aside,  the kids were overjoyed with the results.

Grace has loved the Disney Princess characters for as long as I can remember.  She was heartbroken when we could no longer find anything with a them in her size.  The same heartbreak she experienced when she discovered tutus that were way too small for her.  Once again, we made her heart’s desire happen by making it ourselves. We even made matching hair bows. She loved the hair bows so much, we made more. We made so many I started buying ribbon by the bolt.

Grace is very observant.  She has the visual perception of a genius. Her scores in Perceptual Reasoning are amazing ♫♪.  I have the test results to prove it!  How it all balanced out in her overall scores is a post for another day.  Life can be so complicated at times but, I digress.

Grace has watched my every move while crafting. She is a visual learner with an eye for detail that would blow your mind. She designs and makes clothing for her dolls.  There is a small battery operated sewing machine in her very own spot in our crafting space.   She will only make clothing and accessories for her Ever After High doll collection.  Don’t ask me to explain it.  I have tried to expand her interest in sewing  and it just hasn’t happened..YET.grace-sewing

I was once asked to make 2 flower girl dresses. I had a blast turning thispale-green-dress-3

into this:


christmas-treeThe year I made this small tabletop Christmas Tree I wasn’t concerned if it were an art or craft.  It was so simple to make.  The tree is made of wire coat hangers, wrapped in garland and lights.  I handmade miniature floral  swags to use instead of ornaments.

This tree, along with the 25+ other trees I made, was a handmade Christmas present to lovingly give away.  I never even thought to take pictures of each unique piece. The picture of this tree just happened to be in the background of a pic taken during my Mom’s annual Christmas eve bash.  That is the case with so many projects I have done. Woodworking, embroidery, painted crafts, floral crafts, jewelry, and so on.. I haven’t any pictures to share for you to see each project come to life.  And I still wonder whether or not any of those projects would have been deemed an art or a craft.  Life really can be complicated at times.


  1. I would say, both! I always learn my abilities through my children when Halloween or some other project inspires me! I haven’t used a sewing machine since high school though, so I end up hand sewing. I am envious of your skills! Your daughter sounds like she is going to do amazing things. I love and highly respect that she knows what she likes! You’re such a wonderful mother for accommodating and meeting her needs❤!

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    • Thank you! I haven’t won any awards yet… haha Grace definitely knows what she does and doesn’t like. That’s why I make sure she has creative input in anything made for her. She can be picky! 🙂

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