Never say Goodbye


Photo copyright K. S. Brooks. Do not use without attribution.

This is my first attempt at flash fiction.  The photograph above is the inspiration for this Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction story.  In 250 words or less I present to you:

Never say Goodbye

“This is it,” she thought. “You can do this,” Renée whispered.  “Yes, you can,” Catherine replied.  “But..” “No, buts. You can do this,”  Catherine insisted while prodding Renée through the door.  “I’ll wait for you here.”

Once inside, Renée paused.  “You’re here to say goodbye,” she asserted. She moved closer. Her resolve weakening once she saw him. “Handsome. Even now.”  She reached for his hand. His hands had always made hers feel so small. His touch had always left her feeling loved and secure. Not this time. This time her hand only felt his cold indifference. He was here, present with her and yet, he wasn’t.  She hesitantly spoke, “I can’t say goodbye to you.” He wouldn’t look at her. He couldn’t and she began to cry.

The heartache and the funeral home’s aroma of eucalyptus suddenly became overwhelming. “Breathe,” she told herself. The graceful beauty of the Calla Lilies caught her eye. Renée recalled the message they had shared as they retrieved their wedding rings from within the flower.

She took a slow, deep breath in. Focus on the beauty in life, and remember that it’ll return even if it disappears for a season. Hold onto love’s innocence and grace as we move forward to conquer life’s challenges. She slowly exhaled expelling the vile bitterness of grief.  She broke the silence between them, “My soul should never  have to say goodbye to its other half. I will always love you. Until we meet again, my Valentine.”




    • This had truth in it. I saw the picture prompt and remembered being prodded through a door to say a final goodbye I never could say. I embellished it. I submitted it seeking some sort of validation. The story you and I are working on is difficult to write. I teeter back and forth between intense doubt and a soaring hope that I can actually finish my part.

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      • I know you’ll be able to do it if it’s God’s plan. That’s really all we should be worrying about. We can tell the story the way we want to do it or the way God wants us to do it. I think we’re both interested in doing it the latter way. And they always say that a good story always has a bit of truth to it, a bit of the author.

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