I started  Joyously Hopeful in 2011. My original intent was to share my experiences parenting children on the autism spectrum.  However, I wasn’t comfortable with having to divulge as much of their private lives as that seemed to require.  I am still an autism advocate.  After all I am a mom with two children with autism spectrum disorder.  It is the mother in me that fiercely advocates each and every day on their behalf. But there is more to me than that.  There is more to my story than just parenting autism. I am also a survivor.

When I lost my husband I became more than a widow.  I also became a PTSD suicide loss survivor. As a result, advocating on behalf of suicide prevention, and eliminating the stigma of mental illness became important issues to me.

I have learned the hard way,  life doesn’t always go as planned. Bad things can and do happen to good faith filled people. My faith in God may not have prevented negative things from happening. But this I know, my faith in God has seen me through each difficult experience. It is how I have patiently endured life’s bitter afflictions. It is why I am a survivor.  Because of my faith, I sincerely believe that a higher purpose can be found in pain.  I also believed an inner healing would have to come first.

I decided to purposely pursue a joyously hopeful life.  In 2012 I relocated my family to the mountains of Southwest Virginia. It is a secluded, mountainous dream come true. We had moved within close proximity to the beautiful and iconic Appalachian Trail.   There is so much beauty to behold. I was surrounded by it.  I had simplified my life and found my spiritual retreat. My respite of choice was right outside my door   My home was becoming a place of quiet reflection. The peaceful refuge my children and I needed to complete the process of grieving and healing. Neglected passions were rediscovered. Spare moments were filled with photography, crafting, art and enjoying the natural beauty around us.

In 2016  I rearranged my home.  I ended up tucking a small desk near a window.  I placed the desk chair in it’s proper place and I sat down for a bit. I happened to glance out of the window.  I had seen the view many times just not quite from this perspective.  This view alone is capable of inspiring creativity. It was the kind of view I  had  always imagined a writer should have. This indeed was a writer’s view. So I sat there and I once again began to write.

My name is Cheri. I am a Christian. I am also someone’s daughter, the mother of four and the grandmother to one beautiful little girl.  I am an autism advocate,  part-time chauffeur, cook, maid, and nurse for the two special children that still reside at home. I am a hobbyist gardener, crafter, seamstress and photographer. Dare I  say I am also a writer who is no longer afraid to share the story she survived. Welcome to my joyously hopeful blog.




  1. “My faith in God may not have prevented negative things from happening. But this I know, my faith in God has seen me through each difficult experience. It is how I have patiently endured life’s bitter afflictions. It is why I am a survivor.” That was the best part! You nailed it.

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  2. I feel extremely sorry for irreparable personal loss. I do believe you are blessed with a very strong mind and a very gentle character! I’m so happy that you’ve liked a few of my posts, and that you are now following my blog!!! I’m really enjoying reading your posts that encourage the feelings of optimism, faith and strength of mind! Thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

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  3. You and your loved ones have had to endure so much pain I can’t pretend to understand. Where you moved to looks beautiful and it sounds like you’ve streamlined your life to ensure you’re doing the stuff that matters with the people who matter. Resilience!

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  4. I have enjoyed your blog for awhile, and I believe others would be blessed by it, too. I hope you don’t mind, I have featured your blog today on my weekly event, Friday’s Friends. It is scheduled to post at 11am EST today. Hope you enjoy, and I hope many readers find your blog to “hear” your story and are encouraged by your faith and perseverance. God bless you. 💗

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  5. […] Joyouslyhopeful is a great blog where you’ll find encouragement and an incredible story of survival. She wrote Broken Pieces last year, and if I remember right, that’s how I found her blog. I love the picture in this post and the symbolism it gives. We are all broken pieces which make up His beautiful masterpiece. Her personal story is one of broken pieces becoming a magnificent masterpiece.  […]


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