Midlife Questions

  The eternal midlife questions I ask myself ... Having  been refined by fire I wonder what will remain ? Did I waste moments that will be unable to stand the fiery trial? What days of my life will be lost in the heap of ashes. What aspects of me will eternally remain having come forth … Continue reading Midlife Questions

The Invitation

I invited my grown daughter over for an evening together. We needed to talk. We didn't need to chat or causally text.  No. We needed a deep meaningful conversation. Face to face. She accepted my invitation to stay over. I had worried delving into our yesterdays where past trauma and loss lingered would be awkward. It wasn't. We needed … Continue reading The Invitation

A Bridge Over Sparkled Waters

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to get away from it all?  I have and I learned a few valuable lessons in the process.  The kids were still little at the time but I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in the middle of fixing lunch when … Continue reading A Bridge Over Sparkled Waters

A Promise Kept

  Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. - Hebrews 13:2 (NKJV) I was 34, a mother to 3 young children and widowed.  I felt too young for widowhood to be my new normal.   There had been such a surge of encouraging people in the very beginning. … Continue reading A Promise Kept

Dangerous Breakthrough

October 31, 2015. We walked away unscathed from a car fire. I believe it is due to God's grace and prayer. The moment the truck began acting up I began praying. My daughter and I could not figure out if it was the transmission or a fuel issue but we knew something was wrong. The truck … Continue reading Dangerous Breakthrough

Ben’s Story

My relationship with Ben began as a hook up. My daughter knew I was looking for a horse and she had found one cheap. Too cheap, I thought.  Bre said, "You just have to go meet this horse." He had been placed in an ad on Craig's list and his price made him too attractive to brokers. … Continue reading Ben’s Story

Suicide Loss Survivor

A Lot of years have passed since my husband's suicide.  The proverbial what if's lingered. What if I hadn't taken him to all those doctors appointments, would he still be here? What if I had taken him to more? If only I had demanded to have my concerns heard when I tried to have him placed in the … Continue reading Suicide Loss Survivor

Unfinished Life

Bereft of life.  You have surrendered as a fatal choice is made in the night. A tragedy induced by your own hand. Broken are the hearts you have left behind. Shattered by our unfinished life with you.     In memory of my grandpa, husband, cousin and my son's best friend.             

God still has plans for you

Please don't allow the disappointment in what you perceived GOD would do in your life to rob you of all GOD has planned for your life. Things don't always happen the way we had planned. But that doesn't negate the fact that God still has His plans for you. What He has said in His … Continue reading God still has plans for you


The autumn air breezes across my outstretched hand.  It bounces and flies out the car window like a kite.  For a brief moment, I feel young and carefree again.  My eyes alternate between the road and soaking in the colorful view God has created.  This. This is my respite.  A long and winding road, in … Continue reading Autumn